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Local Routes



Route Departure Time Departure
Harare-Bulawayo Harare 8am Bulawayo 8am Daily
    10am   10am  
    12 noon   12noon  
Harare-Beitbridge Harare 7pm Beitbridge 8pm Daily
    8pm   10pm  
Mutare-Bulawayo Mutare 6am Bulawayo 6am Daily
Harare-Kariba Harare 9am Kariba 8am Daily
    11am   11pm  
Harare-Nyamapanda Harare 8am Nyamapanda 6am Daily
    10am   7am  
    11am   1pm  
    12pm   2pm  
Harare-Gweru Harare 6am Gweru 6am Daily
    1pm   1pm  
Kadoma-Beitbridge Kadoma 6pm Beitbridge 7pm Daily
Harare-Mutare Harare 7am Mutare 6am Daily
    8am   7am  
    9am   8am  


New Routes to be launched



Route Departure Time Departure Time  
Harare-Vic falls Harare 6am Vic falls 6am Daily
Harare-Magunje Harare 10:30am Magunje 6am Daily

*schedules are subject to change without notice

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