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Additional complimentary services offered on our Coaches are:


  1. 1-4-5 frequent travellers promotion where travellers on Pioneer Coaches get a free travel after travelling 5 times on the coaches within a year.

  2. Online bookings through the Compu ticket platform for our South African market.

  3. Pay for your bus fare using Ecocash.

  4. Computerised ticketing system at our ticket sales offices and selected Ticket sales Agents.

  5. Return bookings.

  6. Customer care oriented staff in all departments.

  7. Professional, friendly uniformed drivers highly trained in defensive driving, and first aid.

  8. 24 hour Satellite tracking and vehicle surveillance.

  9. Regulated speed limits within Zimbabwe and South Africa.

  10. Clean and well maintained buses.

  11. Highly competitive custom rates.

  12. Fleet backup services available.

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